tutorials for VFX and motion graphics

  • 41. RenderMan vs Arnold in Maya

    RenderMan vs Arnold, winner take all!  Just kidding.  Today we are comparing Pixar's RenderMan and SolidAngle's Arnold Renderer in Maya.  We will be covering: 1. High Poly HDRI Scenes 2. Studio...

  • 40. The Cloner and Effectors in Cinema 4D

    Mograph and cloners and effectors?  Oh my!  This week we are diving into three different ways to use effectors and the cloner object in Cinema 4D to create great effects...

  • 39. Magic Lantern Raw Workflow

    Get raw images into your workflow!  No image compression, more color depth and the cleanest keying you can get.  All the information you need to start working with Magic Lantern...

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